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The Stranger In Marrakech

Void/Between Higher Atlas, 4th Marrakech Biennale curated by Carson Chan and Nadim Samman March 1 – June 3, 2012 SATOKO SHIBAHARA “Void/Between”, the title of an essay first published in 2011 by artist Megumi Matsubara is also the rubric of her recent intervention, a site-specific installation at Higher Atlas, 4th Marrakech Biennale 2012. In the essay originally published in Japanese,  空/間, Matsubara proposes several transliterations for the Japanese word  空間 , read kuukan, meaning Space. The title uses an unnatural syntax, a slash separating the characters ‘kuu’ from ‘kan’. With this radical gesture, she quakes our casual and even usual understanding of Space. Her transliterations to English such as “void/space,” “empty/between” and “void/gap” magnifying these… Continue reading

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