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WALK STRAIGHT Solo Show by Megumi Matsubara Voice Gallery Marrakech 31 May – 30 Sep 2014 (extended through 25 Oct 2014) Text and conversation with the artist by Maria Giovanna Mancini > Texte et conversation en française > Testo e conversazione in Italiano The Japanese artist presents a complex project composed of two different works: the first nucleus is disposed along the vertical visual axis the spectator encounters entering the gallery; the second part is represented by the video installation present in the environment that is oriented on the axis ideally orthogonal to the first. The two different installations intersect intensifying references and gazes and interlocking the different points of… Continue reading

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Enter Me Carefully

February 2014 MEGUMI MATSUBARA               Close your eyes.             Enter me carefully.             And witness; all flowers are naked.   I was three. My mother was in front of me putting me to sleep. I was not sleepy. I was lying looking at her face. After a while, she closed her eyes. Soon she fell asleep. She was tired. I could not see her eyes anymore. I watched her face for a long time. Quickly I became afraid. I thought if she never opened her eyes, we would never see each other again. Sleep and death seemed… Continue reading

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Blindness & Dreams

17 Mar 2013, Lecture To the people at March Meeting 2013, during the Sharjah Art Biennale 11, Sharjah, UAE MEGUMI MATSUBARA When you close your eyes, what do you see? Eyes are the window to the soul. When you shut your eyes, you stop seeing things outside and only see the interior of your soul. In that world, knowledge and truth come from inside you. But how can we communicate in the darkness? My work is to create a blank space – where your presence becomes very important, to create intimacy. This intimacy makes you care about things that only you can see. Space has nothing to do with physical… Continue reading

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