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Interview & Documentation | Truth / Freedom at Towada Art Center

Interview & Documentation of Megumi MATSUBARA’s brand-new work « Truth / Freedom » at Towada Art Center has been published online. (Language: Japanese with English subtitles)

« Truth / Freedom » is an installation composed of three works.

The red room was empty.
[stereo soundscape, 8h, sonic interpretation by Clovis LEMÉE]

Where it begins to burn my eyes.
[pumice, mirror, glass]

I only see the red light.
[flower, insect, seed, pericarp, herb, tree, resin, mineral, cactus, lime, plaster]

*Camera & Edit: Kazuya ISHIKAWA
*Inter+Play #001:

Above: Towada Art Center Arts Towada 10th Anniversary Exhibition INTER+PLAY Artist Interview: Megumi Matsubara on Towada Art Center’s YouTube Channel.

Group Show | Inter+Play – Arts Towada 10th Anniversary Exhibition | Japan

Megumi Matsubara presents her new work commissioned by Towada Art Center for Inter+Play: Arts Towada 10th Anniversary Exhibition. The exhibition runs through 12 months until August 2021.

Inter+Play is a three-part exhibition that celebrates the tenth anniversary of Arts Towada, the city-wide initiative that promotes art throughout the city of Towada and along its main thoroughfare of Kanchogai Avenue.

Since its inception, Arts Towada has been a wellspring of creativity and a source of inspiration. At its heart is the Towada Art Center, which has always considered the “interplay” between artwork, audience, and city. This exhibition is a manifestation of the ethos behind this ambitious project.

On display throughout the entirety of the exhibition is a large-scale outdoor sculpture and bench by SUZUKI Yasuhiro, who uses familiar objects to create works that excite the senses. The bench is shaped like the city of Towada, whose gravitational pull ripples across the bench and makes waves beyond the city. Also on display is a stark-white gallery space in a building in downtown Towada, created by art collective 目 [mé], whose works have attracted much attention at art festivals and large-scale solo exhibitions in recent years.

Highlights inside the museum will include works by artists TSUDA Michiko, evala, and MATSUBARA Megumi at the Towada Art Center. Tsuda’s installation will use mirrors, video cameras, and projectors to confound the senses, while those who experience evala’s work will be immersed in a sea of sound. Matsubara will present a brand-new work based on the color red, developed through research conducted during her stay in Towada.

– Yasuhiro Suzuki [exhibited in front of the Towada Art Center]
– mé [exhibited in the city of Towada]
– Michiko Tsuda
– evala
– Megumi Matsubara

Curated by Kodama Kanazawa and Meruro Washida

Image: Megumi Matsubara, Truth/Freedom, Towada Art Center, Aomori, 2020
Photo © Kuniya Oyamada

Article | The Memory of Fading Red | Hitotoki Aug 2020 Issue

Megumi Matsubara is portrayed by curator Meruro Washida who gives a detailed insight into her new work « Truth / Freedom » at Towada Art Center in his essay “The Memory of Fading Red” published in the August 2020 issue of HITOTOKI [p.54-57]. The magazine is published by Wedge Corporation for JR Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen. (Language: Japanese, Photographs by Kuniya Oyamada)

*HITOTOKI August 2020 Issue
> https://wedge.ismedia.jp/ud/hitotoki/release/20200720


Lecture / Performance & Dialogue | The Mystery of Red | Towada Art Center

The Towada Art Center presents a live stream of a lecture and performance by Inter+Play exhibiting artist Megumi Matsubara, followed by her conversation with exhibition curator Kodama Kanazawa. (Language: Japanese)

Date & Time : Sun, Jul 19, 2020 14:00 – 15:30
Location : Towada Art Center Room F, within Megumi Matsubara’s installation « Truth / Freedom »

*This event will be streamed live on the Towada Art Center’s YouTube channel.
Please note that this is an online event. The exhibition space will not be open to the public.

Above: The Mystery of Red: Lecture/Performance by Megumi Matsubara & Conversation with Kodama Kanazawa on Towada Art Center’s YouTube Channel.

Megumi Matsubara Lecture & Performance: “The Mystery of Red” + Conversation with Kodama Kanazawa (Inter+Play Curator)
Facilitator: Chieko Nakagawa (Towada Art Center)
Originally broadcast on Sunday, July 19, 2020 at 14:00 
– 15:30 JST

*Inter+Play #001 is on view until August 29 2021:

In Residence | Casa Wabi | Mexico

Megumi Matsubara is in residence at Casa Wabi, Oaxaca, Mexico, upon invitation and with support by Fundación Casa Wabi, Residency Program 2019.
Curator: Alberto Ríos de la Rosa, Paola Jasso

*About Fundación Casa Wabi > http://casawabi.org

Group Show | Domani – The Art of Tomorrow | Japan

Megumi Matsubara will participate in the 21st “DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow” exhibition showcasing nine artists selected from the past laureates of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists.

DOMANI – The Art of Tomorrow

The National Art Center, Tokyo
Exhibition period: Wed 23 January – Sun 3 March, 2019
Opening hours: 10:00-18:00, Closed on Tuesdays

Curated by Yoko Hayashi
Organized by Agency for Cultural Affairs & The National Art Center, Tokyo
In cooperation with the Japan Airlines
Production by Art Venture Office Shou


Tsubasa KATO   (2015・America)
Yoi KAWAKUBO   (2016・England)
Noriyuki KIMURA   (2016・Germany)
Nobuhiro SHIMURA   (2015・France)
Asako SHIROKI   (2015・Germany)
Masahiro HASUNUMA   (2016・Germany)
Megumi MATSUBARA   (2013・Morocco)
Goro MURAYAMA   (2015・Austria)
Akira WADA   (2007・France)

Natsunosuke MISE   (Guest artist)

Salzburg Global Seminar | Parks for the Planet – Nature and Childhood | Austria

Megumi Matsubara participated in Salzburg Global Seminar, and discussed the theme “Parks for the Planet – Nature and Childhood: From Research and Activism to Policies for Global Change” ~ Session 608

The Parks for the Planet Forum is a ten-year collaboration to reconnect people and nature in a urbanized world. Launched in 2015, it aims to improve human and societal wellbeing by expanding access to nature-rich urban spaces, increasing investments in urban conservation, and creating dynamic partnerships between people, cities, and protected area systems.

Invited by Salzburg Global Seminar, coordinated by Program Director Dominic Regester and the team.

All participants:
* Karen Keenleyside  [Vice Chair for People and Parks, IUCN WCPA, Co-Chair, IUCN #NatureForAll, Senior Advisor, #NatureForAll, Parks Canada, Canada]
* Hiroi Ariyama  [Co-Founder, Assistant Architecture Firm, Japan]
* Maria Auma  [Founder and Managing Partner, Blue Luxury Investments (BLI), Uganda]
* Dima Boulad  [Designer and Co-Founder, Beirut Green Project, Lebanon]
* Neil Coleman  [Mentor OPAL Midlands, Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL), UK]
* Priya Cook  [Principal Associate, Connecting Children to Nature, National League of Cities, USA]
* Katalin Czippán  [International Consultant, Education and Communication for Sustainable Development Issues, National University of Public Service (NUPS), Hungary]
* Jack Graham  [Journalist, Apolitical, UK]
* Anabel Gulias Torreiro  [Councilor, Bloque Nacionalista Galego (BNG), City Council of Pontevedra, Spain]
* Charlotte Kalanzi  [Environmental Education Officer, C&L Fumigation and Cleaning Co. Ltd., Uganda]
* Margaret Lamar  [Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Children and Nature, USA]
* Sabelo Lindani  [Head of Green Futures College, Grootbos Foundation, South Africa]
* Miguel Lores  [Mayor of Pontevedra, Spain]
* Karen MacLean  [Co-Founder, The Green free School (Den Grønne Friskole), Denmark]
* Heather Nonhlanhla Maseko  [Assistant National Coordinator, Civil Society Network on Climate Change, Malawi]
* Megumi Matsubara  [Co-Founder, Assistant Architecture Firm, Japan]
* Andrew Moore  [Director of Youth and Young Adult Connection, National League of Cities, USA]
* Joanna Nurse  [Strategic Advisor, InterAction Council, UK]
* Meg Otieno  [National Coordinator/CEO, Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, Kenya]
* Alex Plum  [Director, Development & Innovation, The Global Health Initiative Henry Ford Health System, USA]
* Antonio Luiz Prieto Méndez  [Head of Communication and Press,Pontevedra’s City Council, Spain]
* Cath Prisk  [Global Partnerships Director, Project Dirt, UK]
* Stephanie Sanderson  [Consultant, World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), UK]
* Sean Southey  [Chief Executive Officer, PCI Media Impact & Chair, IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC), USA]
* Tan Suwanprik  [Local Coordinator for Achieving Low Carbon Growth in Cities Through Sustainable Urban System Management, Thailand]
* Adrian Voce  [President, European Network for Child Friendly Cities, Author of Policy for Play (Policy Press, 2015), UK]

> Salzburg Global Seminar
> More about Session 608

Photo © Sean Southey

Dialogue | Ceramique – Arts du feu | France

Dialogue | Megumi Matsubara & Abdulvahid Bukhoriy

19h00 Monday 2 April 2018

Two artists will exchange the arts of ceramics in a manner both tangible and visual. The dialog will take place in clay, images, and sometimes English.

Megumi Matsubara and Abdulvahid Bukhoriy are laureates of the Institut Français residency program 2018 at the Cité internationale des arts.

Lundi 02 avril 2018, à 19h

Dialogue entre Megumi Matsubara et Abdulvahid Bukhoriy. Les artistes échangeront sur les arts de la céramique d’une manière à la fois tangible et visuelle. Le dialogue se fera en utilisant l’argile, les images et parfois l’anglais.

Megumi Matsubara (Japon/Maroc) et Abdulvahid Bukhoriy (Ouzbékistan) sont en résidence à la Cité internationale des arts par le biais du programme de l’Institut français.