Interview & Documentation | Truth / Freedom at Towada Art Center

Interview & Documentation of Megumi MATSUBARA’s brand-new work « Truth / Freedom » at Towada Art Center has been published online. (Language: Japanese with English subtitles)

« Truth / Freedom » is an installation composed of three works.

The red room was empty.
[stereo soundscape, 8h, sonic interpretation by Clovis LEMÉE]

Where it begins to burn my eyes.
[pumice, mirror, glass]

I only see the red light.
[flower, insect, seed, pericarp, herb, tree, resin, mineral, cactus, lime, plaster]

*Camera & Edit: Kazuya ISHIKAWA
*Inter+Play #001:

Above: Towada Art Center Arts Towada 10th Anniversary Exhibition INTER+PLAY Artist Interview: Megumi Matsubara on Towada Art Center’s YouTube Channel.