Mixed media installation, 90 sqm (dimension variable)
Materials: wood, balloon, projector, speaker, motor, pulley, rope, lamp, natural plant, chain, vintage book, …
Music by ILPO

Music note animation by Micke Thorsby
Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan, 8.30, 2008 – 2.3, 2009


Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s nonsense poem ‘The Hunting of The Snark’, the piece is a combination of 10 moving machines creating a unique balance. It takes its title from the imaginary creature described in his poem. A set of 10 linked machines, all named with words staring with letter ‘B’, come to life in the gallery.

“BOOJUM is a mechanism that creates a Balance in nonsense. The machines are all black in colour and completely motionless until the Blind opens its eye to see sunrise between the Brooklyn and the Bridge. When the Biscuit pours the the Backwards out a cup of tea, the Bounce screams to call the Beijing to join the table. the Broke always sits in silence when the Because passes by searching for the slit. The Blemish is the only machine whose presence is not shown in any form.”

                                                                                                       —Megumi Matsubara