Sociological Lunches | Nairobi

A series of Sociological Lunch conversations between five Nairobians and Megumi Matsubara was published on Another Africa.

Sociological Lunch‘ is a series of lunch sessions first initiated by artist Megumi Matsubara in Tokyo, 2008. It is an artist’s simple gesture to draw out, and on, personal stories from a given city and its inhabitants; a device to bring specificity to an urban landscape.

Through a casual meeting about 90 minutes in length, set over the course of a meal she invites individuals to share their personal experiences and thoughts on their city. The participants, people  whom she may know or as in this case, people introduced to her through her personal network. Through this series of casual conversations, she was able to draw on the authentic and local atmosphere of the city of Nairobi where she met and conversed with five local Nairobians.

During the coming month of July 2011, the artist will share short excerpts from these conversations with text and audio. The full-length interviews are scheduled to be published later this year, 2011. For now, stay tuned and enjoy these intimate moments filled with local intel, humour and joie de vivre.

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