Sound/Art – Tuning in to Africa

Morocco-based Megumi Matsubara and Angolan-born Nástio Mosquito, two artists who constantly defy stereotypes, will delve into the essence of what culture is, and what it means to meet someone else. The fleeting, illusory sounds and lights that they have conjured will turn the first floor of the YCC into a space where encounters both simple and complex will unfold.

TICAD V, the fifth international conference will be held between 1st-3rd of June 2013 in Yokohama, Japan. It is expected to draw a big general interest on Africa. In May 2013, Yokohama Arts Foundation organizes a related pre-event, “Sound/Art – Tuning in to Africa” aiming to approach mutual understanding through the power of contemporary art and music, with exhibition, talk events and live performances.

Period: 14 (tue) – 20 (mon) May, 2013
Location: Yokohama Creative city Center (YCC) 1F Hall
Organized by: Yokohama Arts Foundation
Supported by: Culture and Tourism bureau of Yokohama city / Embassy of Angola / Embassy of Kenya /Embassy of the Republic of Mali / The Africa Society of Japan
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