Residency & Show: Aomori Contemporary Art Centre

Assistant (Megumi Matsubara & Hiroi Ariyama) is invited to develop a new architecture piece at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Japan, during Spring/Summer 2012. The artist-in-residence will be followed by an exhibition. The program focuses on a combination of residency program and the show, exploring the quality of ever-evolving dynamics in creating a new work.

Participating Artists:
– Nobuya Hoki (Painter, Kyoto)
– Makoto Nomura (Composer/Pianist, Kyoto)
– Assistant (Architecture unit, Tokyo/Morocco)
– Anni Leppa”la” (Photographer, Finland)

Residency invitation period: 15 May – 21 Sep, 2012
Exhibition period: 28 Jul – 21 Sep, 2012

*Megumi Matsubara will be in attendance in July/August.