music concert at Institut Mohamed 5 for the blind and visually-impaired, Fès

Megumi Matsubara & Léo Fabre-Cartier présentent Concert Musical de Oud.

The concert takes place linked to UNE CHAMBRE ROUGE; Megumi Matsubara’s work inspired by and dedicated to Fès Medina in Morocco composed of photography, text and music.

The students at the blind school (Institut Mohamed 5 for the blind and visually-impaired) have been on strike to claim their rights since October 2012 until now. Based on the theory of Andalusian oud (ancient Arabic instrument) that relates colours to the tones of music, the collected voices and essays about red written in Arabic Braille were translated into the sound of music.

Oud players: Leo Fabre-Cartier, Omar Taki

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