Le Muzoo

Le Muzoo: traveling museum conceived by Sinéangulo stops at Fes. It was initiated by the Caza de Oro artist’s residence in Ariege, in the French Pyrenees. Le Muzoo moves between the UK and Morocco, and will be pitching its tent at the Palais Mokri during the Sacred Music Festival. Sinéangulo’s adventure is composed of fresco, tent, clothes, collected stones. Megumi Matsubara adds a modest element to their show.

 Charley Case and the group Sinéangulo (Aroa Escobero, Salima Abdel Wahab, Youssef el Yedidi, Aziz Amrani, Charley Case), guest artist Megumi Matsubara

Vernissage: 18:00- 14th June 2013

Geranium from a series Jnan Sbil, Megumi Matsubara, 2013
Site-specific photographic installation spotlit by sunlight