Kime to Kehai: Texture and Sense

Assistant (Megumi Matsubara & Hiroi Ariyama) will participate in “Kime to Kehai: Textures”; a group exhibition combined with artist-in-residence at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Japan.

Our project explores the parts of architecture as exhibiting pieces. A few selected parts of the House of 33 Years, a residence under construction in Nara planned to complete in Autumn 2012, will be built and verified by us in the exhibition space. After the show, those parts will be transferred to the actual site and be assembled to the house they should belong to. The project raises a question “Which is moving; people or architecture?”

*Megumi Matsubara will be in attendance on site from mid July until the show opening, as well as around the date of the workshop scheduled on 26th August.

Texture and Sense

The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) has conducted Artist in Residence programs since its founding in 2001. The theme for the 2012 year is “storytelling”. Artists are storytellers who describe and convey the present world through their art activities and productions by interpreting contemporary society from myriad perspectives and offering previously unforeseen values or posing challenging questions. Pieces are created clearly and logically, but sometimes a story world hides behind each piece, containing poetic beauty and completely novel ideas which transcend logic, which would otherwise remain incomprehensible by looking a piece’s structure alone.

In this exhibition, “Texture and Sense”, we focus on each piece’s subtleties, its story world in the backdrop. “Touch” suggests the intricate surface designs and patterns and corresponds with the word “texture” in English. The word “texture” holds many meanings; it can mean anything from “structure” and “composition” to “touch” or “feel” or “features”. The words of well-known 20th-century architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, “God is in the details,” tell of a strong awareness towards the most detailed textures.

Throughout the exhibitions, we hope you will sense the quiet story which dwells in the details of each of our artists’ pieces.

Anni Leppälä
Assistant [ MATSUBARA Megumi + ARIYAMA Hiroi ]
HOKI Nobuya

July 28 (Sat) – September 17 (Mon), 2012 10:00-18:00
Open every day during exhibition period / Admission free

■ Opening Event
Artist Talk by the Artists
July 28 (Sat), 2012 14:30-16:00 / Free
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre Lounge

■Related Events

Anni Leppälä 
◎Lecture “Mystery of the visible”
Anni will discuss the state of photography in Finland in addition to introducing her own work.
August 12 (Sun), 2012 14:30-16:00 / Free
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre Lounge

Makoto Nomura
◎Concert & Talk “Nomura Makoto / John Cage”
Nomura will hold a piano concert to commemorate the 100th birthday of the late John Cage.
September 5 (Wed), 2012
Doors open: 19:00 / Start: 19:30
◎Concert & Talk “Concert of Farm”
This is an original piano concert in which Nomura will present his own work in a space created especially by him.
September 8 (Sat) & 9 (Sun), 2012 Doors open: 14:00 / Start: 14:30 / Free
◎Concert & Talk “Piano of Vegetable”
It’s the concert made by the encounter of vegetables and piano. Final concert by the artist.
Capacity: 30 people (Applications accepted by order of arrival)
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre Gallery B

Hoki Nobuya
◎Lecture & Workshop
“Lines and Borders”
After listening to Nobuya Hoki speak about his works and his pursuit of the distinct methods of drawing that characterize his work, we will experience his techniques for ourselves. 
August 19 (Sun), 2012 13:00-16:00 / Free
Eligibility: Junior high school students or above
Capacity: 20 people (Reservations required / Applications accept by order of arrival)
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre Workshop Studio

Assistant [ Megumi Matsubara + Hiroi Ariyama ]
◎Gallery Tour & Workshop
In this workshop, we will experience Assistant’s exhibition space and pavilion while enjoying their work and the ACAC’s architecture.
August 26 (Sun), 2012 14:30-16:30 / Free
Eligibility: Open to anyone
Capacity: 15 people (Reservations required / Applications accept by order of arrival)
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre Gallery A

Gallery Tour

In this tour, an ACAC staff member will navigate you through the exhibitions so that you can experience each one to the fullest.
August 18 (Sat), 2012 / September 2 (Sun), 2012 14:30-15:30
Reservations not required
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre Exhibition Hall