Mixed media installation (dimensions: 200sqm)
Materials: diffusion sheet, holografic film, half-mirror sheet, mirror, paper
Rikuri, Sedona, Tokyo, Japan, 11.17 – 23, 2010


An installation and architectural environment to cover the whole space for a group exhibition ‘Rikuri: Glistening Lights’, curated by CPUE (Curatorial Practice in Urban Environment) by Yuko Hasegawa. The space is designed to carefully intervene the original triangle-shape empty space.

A light diffusion sheet, holographic films and faceted mirrors are arranged to trap and release the effects of light, both natural and artificial, according to the condition. A sound-activated lighting array by Takayuki Fujimoto coexist with the sunlight brought in through big exterior windows.

The title of the show Rikuri points to the Japanese feeling of utsuroi, or poetically changing. The installation to subtly define the gallery space itself as an ever- changing environment.

*Work credited with the artist’s own interdisciplinary studio Assistant.